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Reading: Aetiology for gastro intestinal reflux disease


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Aetiology for gastro intestinal reflux disease


WAK Weerawardena

Department of Surgery - Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura, LK
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Introduction Gastro intestinal reflux disease(GORD) is common. The incidence is rising in the world and in Sri Lanka. Food habits, behavioural pattern are considered to be of concerned about aetiology.

Objective To identify the risk factors for GORD to make a plan for reducing the incidence o0f symptoms.

Materials and methods Reviewed 23 journal articles published during last 15 years of duration. Key words of GORD, aetiology, risk factors were used. Different possible aetiological factors were identified and their relationship to GORD was assessed.

Results Gastric acid, tobacco smocking, table salt use, dietary factors, alcohol, physical activity, Body mass index, obesity, ethnicity, gender, posture, genetic contribution, medication effect, role of Helicobactor pylori, effect of naso gastric tubes, hiatus hernia, pregnancy, other cardiac diseases were identified for considering as aetiology. Special variety of infantile GORD was also selected.

Discussion and conclusion Exact aetiology of GORD is largely unknown. However this review has detected several significant associations with GORD. Knowledge of those association factors are useful in the management of the symptoms. Overweight, obesity, tobacco smocking, alcohol, high salt intake, fibre intake, physical exercise are some of the association factors. People have capacity to alter those factors with view to reduce the incidence of GORD


Anuradhapura Medical Journal Vol.6(1) 2012: 24-30

How to Cite: Weerawardena, W., 2013. Aetiology for gastro intestinal reflux disease. Anuradhapura Medical Journal, 6(1), pp.24–30. DOI:
Published on 12 Jul 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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