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Reading: Rhinosporidiosis in Sri Lanka: An overview


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Rhinosporidiosis in Sri Lanka: An overview


SN Arseculeratne

University of Peradeniya, LK
About SN
Emeritus Professor of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine
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Rhinosporidiosis, an enigmatic disease, is present in 90 countries world-wide. Sri Lanka has the highest prevalence per capita, while India has the largest number of reported cases. It is now appearing in Europe. Since its discovery in 1892, unresolved enigmas of the disease and its causative pathogen, still remain. This overview highlights these enigmas to encourage Sri Lankan researchers to investigate them.


Anuradhapura Medical Journal 2013 7(1): 8-10

How to Cite: Arseculeratne, S., 2013. Rhinosporidiosis in Sri Lanka: An overview. Anuradhapura Medical Journal, 7(1), pp.8–10. DOI:
Published on 09 Oct 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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